Self-Adhesive Level Pegs

These Level Pegs are used to provide an accurate height when pouring engineered screeds & self-levelling compounds. 


Cost: 1packet of 100 pegs $69.95 (includes GST)

FREE DELIVERY Australia wide only.




  • European Quality 65mm gauge


  • Industrial Strength 3M backing (place on dust-free primed surface) The pegs are set and fixed with a tape mounted on the feet of the level peg to ensure the pegs do not move.


  • They snap back in place even when stepped on or rolled over with mixing equipment.


  • They can be used in conjunction with laser leveling equipment for better accuracy.


  • Time saving, no more drilling & plugging holes in concrete then pinning the floor with screws.


  • The pegs have a clearly printed indication of height in millimeters allowing it to be easily cut with scissors to a desired height.


  • Superior packaging: the pegs are securely nested together between styrofoam panels. They will not arrive bent & out of shape like other products.

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I personally use these high quality level pegs to do all my 'falls to waste' in wet area floor preparation, such as bathroom/showers, bars & commercial kitchens using Ardex K900BF engineered screed. They're a game changer.